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Slegt Consultancy

As consultants we advise clients with a wide range of functions, from self-employed people to small and medium sized companies in many different sectors. 

  • We will give you advice on mergers and acquisitions  for small and medium sized companies regarding insurances and risk management. 
  • Advice in the field of employee benefits and retirement. 
  • Risk analysis and research into insurance portfolios during acquisitions. 
  • Research risk management and make practical reports. During this process we use partners when we need specific expertise. These partners are independent and not affiliated with Slegt.
  • Give advice during complex damage claims. This happens in collaboration with specialised insurance experts and/or lawyers. 
  • Analysis of insurance portfolios (second opinion) 

Our rates:

EUR 85 for self-employed people and small businesses, EUR 125 for companies.

All rates are hourly and excluding tax. 

The agreements concerning activities and rates that will be made together for consultancy will be captured so you know exactly what to expect.